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Representative Call 1900 480 موزاییک | Aland mosaic

Representative Call

Aland Mosaic Company, a manufacturer of granite mosaics, patterned mosaics and anti-abrasion concrete floors, Accepts active representation around the world. For more information and to apply for representation, visit

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From Nigeria to Iran, nations begin ditching dollar 1320 742 موزاییک | Aland mosaic

From Nigeria to Iran, nations begin ditching dollar

The number of countries switching to national currencies to settle bilateral trade deals is growing in the face of the US weaponization of the dollar. When US President Donald Trump re-imposed sanctions on Iran last week, he warned that any company doing deals with the Iranians in dollars would also be subject to sanctions. Several…

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Types of mosaics 960 640 موزاییک | Aland mosaic

Types of mosaics

Granite and ordinary mosaics Vibrating mosaics Single-layer mosaics do not need to be submerged and pressed, and they do not require sophisticated devices to produce them. Only a mixer, a dezator and a conveyor belt with a length of 10 are enough with a vibrator. The method of production is that the materials are Poured…

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Mosaic 680 460 موزاییک | Aland mosaic


Another part of the Aland Mosaic products is dedicated to backyard mosaic

Because of the grooves on the surface of these mosaics, they are also called grooved mosaics

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